Advantages of Joining the NeriumAD DREAM Team and Selling NeriumAD

Great word of mouth “buzz” with very visible results when

customers use NeriumAD! One customer may tell up to five

friends, and they can clearly see results.
Distributors receive a personalized marketing and

e-commerce website for taking commissionable orders. Customers

can reorder online at their convenience, but YOU get the

Orders are fulfilled by NeriumAD….no need for you drag

boxes to the post office, drive around town dropping off

orders, or fuss with shipping.
30-day money back guarantee for customers
Plenty of point-of-sale marketing materials are provided

to our team at no additional cost.

Can You Really Make a Profit?
As with everything in life…you get back what you put into a

business opportunity. Your ability to make money selling

NeriumAD or any network marketing product depends on many

factors. We provide a great product, service, a product

guarantee and no competitor that offers the benefits of NAE-8

extract. Now it’s up to you to create profits. Here’s how.

It’s easy to create profits with our Retail and Preferred

Customer programs.
Once registered as a Brand Partner, product can be

purchased at $80 and sold for $110, creating a $30 profit on

each bottle sold.
Based on your volume of sales, Nerium will send you a

check for 10-25% of all your product orders and product sales

generated through your marketing website each month.

Become a Distributor Today
You can get started today! Simply Buy NeriumAD as a Preferred

Customer. (Click here). You’ll receive:

Either a 1-Pack Auto Delivery or 2-Pack Auto Delivery,

with new product delivered right to your door each month.
SAVINGS on your purchase – up to $60 off the 2-Pack system
FREE marketing website so you can share your NeriumAD

success with your friends and receive rewards when they

purchase from you
Share NeriumAD with three friends and you’ll get your

monthly auto ship FREE.

Are you ready? Buy NeriumAD as a Preferred Customer…and join

the team! (Click here)
Fill out this simple form to receive additional info about

becoming a NeriumAD distributor.

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